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Who We Are

Gigi’s is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2018 dedicated to improving the lives of shelter dogs. With the goal of helping all adoptable shelter dogs in the United States find a happy home, Gigi’s connects the expertise of national leaders in dog sheltering and adoption to lead a collaborative resource network, which includes our 15,000-square-foot dog campus in Central Ohio.

Gigi’s partners with existing shelters and adoption centers to improve the health and well-being of shelter dogs and increase efficiencies within the network. By working together we’re helping more dogs find permanent homes sooner, shortening the time they spend in a shelter, and increasing the network’s ability to reach more dogs and more organizations in more communities.  

George, Tina and Gigi Skestos

George, Tina and Gigi Skestos

The shelters we partner with face a common challenge: too many homeless dogs, not enough resources to care for them, and too few local adopters to give them a home. Through our partnerships, Gigi’s works to ensure all dogs within the network are healthier and better prepared for adoption.

We bring dogs from our partner shelters to our campus for medical care and behavioral evaluation and transfer them to our adoption center partners to find a permanent home. We also provide our shelter partners with vaccines for all the dogs in their care, supplies, equipment, training tools, and coaching on their disease control and operational procedures at no cost to them. Learn more about what we do by clicking here

Currently we work with five primary shelter partners (Franklin County Dog Shelter, Gallia County Animal Shelter, Jackson County Dog Pound, Lawrence County Dog Pound, and Scioto County Dog Pound) and three adoption centers (Columbus Humane, CHA Animal Shelter, and Cleveland Animal Protective League). As Gigi’s grows, we will expand to include more partnerships with shelters and adoption centers.

Gigi's Map

Gigi’s cutting-edge, 15-000-square-foot dog campus in Central Ohio is the first of its kind in the country, designed with a focus on four areas — high-quality care, efficiency, disease control, and stress reduction. The facility features a fully-equipped animal hospital with two surgery suites and a dental suite, X-ray and lab, pharmacy, dedicated isolation unit, behavioral evaluation space, grooming and dog wash room, prep kitchens, four living room kennel areas, five outdoor areas, a large indoor exercise arena, and a walking path.

Gigi’s is the vision of George and Tina Skestos, local entrepreneurs who funded and spearheaded this transformational model. They worked with animal welfare expert Rachel Finney, CEO of Columbus Humane, to build the most efficient path to move dogs from homeless to home while strengthening the entire dog sheltering network.

To learn more about what we do, visit the What We Do page or the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Gigi’s staff members pick up the dogs from each shelter partner, known as a Source Shelter.  Once the source shelter dogs arrive at Gigi’s, professional staff  administers vaccines, medical support, nutrition and veterinary care in order to ensure each dog is ready for adoption. After a short stay, typically 72-hours, Gigi’s transports the calm and healthy dogs to Columbus Humane (known as a destination shelter).

Gigi’s staff provides optimum care for the dogs in a 15,000 square-foot facility, located on three acres in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

The state-of-the-art dog transition campus is the vision of George and Tina Skestos, local entrepreneurs who funded and spearheaded the unique model.  They contacted animal welfare expert Rachel Finney, CEO of Columbus Humane to help them create the most efficient path to move dogs from homeless, to home.