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There are many dedicated organizations and passionate individuals across the country working to help homeless dogs. Yet, they often face many challenges that limit their ability to serve the dogs in their communities.

The Problem

Many municipal animal shelters, particularly those in rural or underserved areas, are overwhelmed with homeless dogs. These shelters have too many dogs, not enough resources to care for them, and too few local adopters to give them a home. As a result, despite even the best intentions, many dogs will become sick and/or decline behaviorally while they wait in the shelter for an extended period of time to be adopted.

That said, not all animal shelters are overcrowded with adoptable dogs. In fact, some shelters and adoption centers, like Columbus Humane, have the ability to help more dogs. While these adoption centers will transfer in dogs from other shelters and prepare them for adoption, the process requires additional space and evaluation capacity, and it carries the added risk of exposing their current dog population to disease from the incoming dogs. As a result, some adoption centers and shelters often have empty kennels, while families looking to adopt a dog may consider purchasing from pet stores or breeders.

The Solution

Through our collaborative resource network, Gigi’s connects existing shelters and adoption centers with expertise and support to improve the health and well-being of the dogs and increase efficiencies within the system.

Gigi’s staff regularly travel to our shelter partners to bring adoptable dogs back to our campus. At Gigi’s the dogs receive high-quality medical care and behavioral evaluation, and, when they are ready for adoption, they are transferred to one of our adoption center partners to find their permanent home. Gigi’s funds of all the transportation, veterinary care, behavioral support, housing, and shelter processing costs for all the dogs in the program.


Gigi’s also provides our shelter partners with medical supplies, vaccines, equipment, training tools, and coaching on their procedures at no cost to them – ensuring all the dogs in their care, regardless if they ever step foot on Gigi’s campus, are healthier and better prepared for adoption.

The Results

This innovative model means that our shelter and adoption center partners can focus on what they do best – taking in homeless dogs and managing their adoption – while Gigi’s works to enhance the health and well-being of the dogs and increase efficiencies within the entire system.

Dogs that graduate from Gigi’s are healthier and often find a home within weeks instead of waiting sometimes months to be adopted. In addition because of the support, vaccines, and supplies Gigi’s provides to our shelter partners, all of the dogs in their care are healthier and better prepared for adoption.

By working together we’re helping more dogs find permanent homes sooner, shortening the time they spend in a shelter, and increasing the network’s ability to reach more dogs and more organizations in more communities.