We are Gigi’s

We are Gigi’s

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We opened our doors at Gigi’s in the fall of 2018 and have been hard at work Improving the Lives of Shelter Dogs™ ever since. As the first known nonprofit of our kind in the state, and perhaps the country, we partner with existing animal shelters and high-volume adoption centers to get all shelter dogs within our network healthier and better prepared for adoption. We believe that by working together, we can strengthen our entire sheltering and adoption network.

Shelter Dog Transport: We bring homeless dogs from our rural Shelter Partners to our state-of-the-art campus in Central Ohio to get them on the fast track to adoption, providing everything they need from medical care (including surgery and dental procedures) to behavioral support. Once a dog graduates from our adoption readiness program, he or she is transferred to one of our high-volume Adoption Center Partners to find their permanent home. Gigi’s funds 100% of the transportation, veterinary care, behavioral support, housing, and shelter processing costs for all dogs in our program.

Shelter Dog Health: But we don’t just improve the lives of shelter dogs within our adoption readiness program. We also provide our under-resourced Shelter Partners with vaccines for all the dogs in their care, resources, equipment, and training at no cost to them. This helps ensure that all the homeless dogs at these rural shelters are healthier and have a better chance of finding a family, regardless if they ever step foot on Gigi’s campus.

Shelter Investment: Through the Gigi’s Shelter Improvement Fund, we also invest in physical renovations and capital improvements to our Shelter Partners’ often outdated facilities. This enables our partners to drastically improve their quality of care and disease control practices, which transforms the lives of the dogs they care for and the people who work so hard to save them.

Together with our partners, we’re ensuring shelter dogs are healthier and better prepared for adoption — which means more dogs finding their permanent home sooner.

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