Healing Hearts: Sammy and Leti

Healing Hearts: Sammy and Leti

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We have a lot of heart at Gigi’s. And in Sammy and Leti’s case, it’s of both the caring and cardiac kind. These shelter dog siblings were surrendered at one of our rural partner shelters. Both were born with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), a congenital heart defect that when left untreated causes congestive heart failure. PDA happens when a vessel in the heart (called the ductus arteriosus) that typically closes after a puppy is born stays open. This opening then allows for extra blood flow through the lungs and heart, which can have fatal results. Fortunately for Sammy and Leti, because they were brought to Gigi’s to get on the fast track to adoption, they had an entire network of experts behind them.

Connecting to Care

During their initial medical evaluation, our vets discovered the puppies had a heart murmur. Further testing confirmed both had PDA, and we turned to our network of partners to get them the care they needed to survive. Sammy and Leti underwent cardiac surgery to close their PDA at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, each receiving a specially-designed for dogs cardiovascular device to close the gap in their vessel. After surgery, Sammy and Leti recovered with two of our incredible fosters. They ensured these two got their all-important puppy socialization while regaining their strength. Now both puppies are expected to have few, if any, long-term health impacts. They’ll both go on to lead normal, Labrador lives!

Healthy and Heading Home

While at Ohio State for their surgery, Sammy and Leti caught the eye of one of the veterinary students who was assisting with their case. She fell in love with the pair, and, along with her brother, adopted them shortly after. Not only are Sammy and Leti thriving, but these siblings get to stay connected in the years to come. That means a happy, healthy life with plenty of playdates!


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