Meet Team Gigi’s: Jacob Ruoff

Meet Team Gigi’s: Jacob Ruoff

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It’s time to meet Team Gigi’s! We’re officially introducing our incredible crew to you, sharing more about their role, their heart for serving animals and others, and a few fun facts along the way.


Allow us to introduce Jacob Ruoff! Jacob has served as one of our dedicated Veterinary Assistants since the summer of 2019 and helps care for shelter dogs before, during, and after they receive medical treatment in our animal hospital. Originally from North Ridgeville, Ohio, Jacob has been in the animal care field for more than six years. He’s also currently working toward a degree in Secondary Education in biology.

Jacob plays a big part in helping shelter dogs in our program get healthier and ready for adoption. He’s also one of the masterminds behind our holiday-themed enrichment activities! Jacob says that regardless of what he’s doing at Gigi’s, knowing his work is adding up to make a big impact for homeless dogs is what it’s all about.

Outside of work, Jacob enjoys playing basketball, hiking, and spending time with his girlfriend and their pets. His favorite books are anything about psychology and neuroscience. If he could declare a new holiday, it would be “National Sleep Day.”

Jacob’s biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to work in animal welfare is to make sure you have a solid understanding of your values, strengths, and areas for growth. “It takes passionate, hard-working, and empathetic individuals to work in this field. Make sure you’re ready for the challenges you’ll face. But also know that you’re an important link to making an impact on something much bigger than yourself,” he says.

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