Specialty Surgeries for Shelter Dogs

Specialty Surgeries for Shelter Dogs

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We’re expanding our surgical capabilities at Gigi’s! This year we’ve started performing more specialty surgeries in our on-site animal hospital. Dr. Hayley Hadden, one of our dedicated veterinarians and our Clinical Director, is now providing relief to shelter dogs with complex or chronic ear infections, like Izzy and Vito.

Izzy, a 2021 Gigi’s Grad

Izzy was brought to Gigi’s from one of our rural partner shelters and received all her vaccines, vet care, and a behavioral evaluation to get her ready for a permanent home. But there was still one problem. She had a severe, untreated ear infection, which made her head sensitive to touch and posed a risk to her long-term health. Izzy had a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) done at Gigi’s, and just one week after surgery she was on the road to recovery and adopted! Her new family shared, “We feel like she was meant to be ours… But truthfully we would not have been able to finance her medical needs… and we are so grateful for the support that Gigi’s has offered!”

Vito, a 2021 Gigi’s Grad

Vito’s path to a permanent home was a much longer one. He and another dog were left alone to live in a trailer, with their owner returning a few times a week to feed them. Eventually, Vito was turned in as a stray to one of our partner shelters in rural Ohio and brought to Gigi’s. In addition to his vaccines and other vet care, Vito needed surgery on both of his ears to get him ready for adoption. Dr. Hadden performed lateral ear canal resections on both Vito’s ears, resulting in a much healthier long-term outlook and limited hearing. But what he lacks in hearing, Vito more than makes up for in love. After nearly five months in our program, Vito was officially adopted by his foster who’d been providing him with a safe, comfy place to recuperate during his procedures!

Thank you to all our generous donors for making it possible for us to provide this world-class care to shelter dogs. A big thank you as well to Dr. Tod Beckett, a member of Gigi’s Board of Directors and the medical director of a local animal hospital system, for sharing his time and expertise with our veterinary team as we expand our surgical capabilities!

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